PRESS RELEASE - FEB 1, 2019 Local musician & producer Drew Brown wins four music awards!

Acclaimed Milton, Ontario based singer/songwriter/producer Drew Brown and the musical collective “Hymns For The Architect” also fronted by Brown has gleaned 4 Covenant Awards (Canadian Gospel/Inspirational Music) for Seasonal Album of the Year, Instrumental Song of the Year, Rap Song of the year (with Oakville’s Ill Seer) and Collaboration of the Year for his duet with St. Catherine’s “Infinitely More”.


Some might find it strange that an artist would release albums under two completely different brands… however, for Drew, it was extremely intentional. 


“Music that I release under my name is very much a singer-songwriter kind of vibe. Even though the elements might contain drum machines and ambient noises, it often begins with me at a piano or guitar... mining the soul for songs.” He goes on to say that Hymns For The Architect (which is about to release an album of instrumentals for quiet times of soul searching, prayer and meditation) is mostly for people within church communities. “I wanted to create something that can be a part of people’s spiritual journey, seasons of celebration and grief.” 


Drew is no stranger to accolades for his work.   He received his second award for Producer of the Year and 3 other individual honours in 2018 and was also nominated for a Juno in 2015 for his album “Analog Love in Digital Times.” Along with recording a follow up to the formerly mentioned album, he is focusing most of his attention on producing and mentoring local artists and bands through the Personic Creative Collective.


“There is a ton of great music right here in Milton and in the surrounding areas. Many artists work hard to raise  funds, and record and release music.  But then it’s not uncommon for the energy to drop off after the week of release. I’m hoping to help create some strategic sustainability for artists. Regardless of the genre, I want to make great art.”



You can find more information on Drew at his website: