I Wanna Come To YOUR House!

Did you ever dream of hosting a party that people would talk about for years to come? A night where you bring friends together and the music brings them together even more as space is created for reflection and celebration?

I am heading out on the road to share my stories and songs through house concerts. House concerts are fun and intimate gatherings that revolve around stories, laughter, food, drinks and of course live music... all within the comfort of your own home at no cost to you.

What's a house concert? It's a concert held in more "unconventional" spaces like homes, backyards, garages, community spaces, art galleries etc.

You might be asking yourself: WHAT?!?!? FREE for the hosts!!!!!??

Depending on the options.... yes. Here's how it works. Together we begin to plan the best way to ensure the success of the event. We need a minimum of 20 people to help make it a great experience for everyone. (Don't let the guarantee of 20 people frighten you. And if it is a concern, a great option is do co-host an event with a friend. Twice the friends/family/neighbours to invite!) We chat about how things can work financially (whether that's a suggested donation, up-front donation or ticket price). Some hosts prefer to plan it as a pot-luck where guests bring desserts, beverages or other snacks to make the evening even more enjoyable.

If you are interested in hosting a house concert, I'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to send me a message below to begin the process. Even if you're just curious or have questions or concerns, I'd love to chat with you more about how we can both make sure the event goes smoothly and is an inspiring night for your family and friends!!! I'll respond with some information and details. My goal is to help make this easy and fun for everyone. The first step is to fill out the form below. Second step:  click here for a small downloadable document with initial details.

LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!


But just in case... here is the TL;DR (Too Long - Didn't Read) version:

  • A house concert is when a host (you) invites an artist (me) to their home to share songs and stories for about 90 minutes or so for the host's favourite (or not so favourite) people.

  • It does not require a large space to host.. just a willingness to host and share music and fun with your friends.

  • The minimum amount of people is 20. Hosts are encouraged to invite as many neighbours, friends, co-workers and family as possible. And I can help with any promotional materials and ideas you as needed.

  • We will chat about the costs and what would work best for you and your guests (donations, up-front donation or tickets - most hosts prefer advance tickets at $15).

  • If you are interested... first step: fill out the form below. I will connect over email about all the details.

  • step two: download this brief guide.

Thanks for so much for taking the time to read this. Let me know if you have any questions and hope to see you this summer.


House Concerts with Drew Brown. 

You bring the friendships and I'll bring the songs and stories.

And we'll make music and memories happen - together. 



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